patent certificate
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The company has an independent research and development team

R&D engineering: 3

above Bachelor degree

Engaged in new energy and high-voltage power grid

5 to 8 years of work experience

There are 8 R&D patents.

  Patent product introduction

1. Patent name: a jack reed

    Patent number: ZL 2018 2 0862338.1

2. Patent name: a charging base can quickly replace the jack terminal

    Patent number: ZL 2018 2 0115691.3

3. Patent name: a slotted terminal with high resilience and large contact area

    Patent number: ZL 2020 2 0003480.8

4. Patent name: a copper bar with anti-vibration, high current and high voltage plug

    Patent number: ZL 2020 2 0004919.9

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